The Trunk

A co-production with Fun Pants Film Co.


Synopsis: A determined woman struggles to offload a large, mysterious, and suspiciously heavy trunk without attracting too much attention.


Status: In Festival Run

"The Trunk" Poster


Directed by Tony Susi

Written by René Claveau

Cinematography by Zack Wilcox

Edited by Kellen A. Cunningham

Produced by Brandon Wood, Tony Susi, Zack Wilcox, & Geoffry O'Brien

Original Score by Zach Sprowls



Inez - Alexandra Anisman

Jim - Karl Barbee

Dan - Geoffry O'Brien


Alexandra Anisman in "The Trunk"
Alexandra Anisman and Geoffry O'Brien in "The Trunk"
Alexandra Anisman in "The Trunk"
Karl Barbee in "The Trunk"
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