The Intervention

*Made under our previous studio, Film It Now Productions.*

Synopsis: After a life-changing shock, Katie must come to grips with the shadows of her past, and find the will to accept what's to come next.


Status: Released May 10, 2017

"The Intervention" Poster


Directed by Brandon Wood

Written by Brandon Wood & Geoffry O'Brien

Director of Photography Kellen A. Cunningham

Edited by Brandon Wood

Produced by Brandon Wood, Geoffry O'Brien, & Kellen A. Cunningham

Original Music by Harrison Klostreich



Katie - Kelsi Kegerize

Heather - Sela Fuhrman

Mother - Kris Tuerk

Father - Daniel Raudenbush

Police Officer - Justin Maynard

Principal - Keith Rohrbach



Kelsi Kegerize in "The Intervention"
Daniel Raudenbush in "The Intervention"
Kris Tuerk and Kelsi Kegerize in "The Intervention"
Kelsi Kegerize and Sela Fuhrman in "The Intervention"
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